Palmetto Animal Clinic

220 7th Street West
Palmetto, FL 34221


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       Opie’s Doghouse Boarding Policy & Procedures

Operating out of Palmetto Animal Clinic:

220 7th Street West, Palmetto, FL 34221    941-722-2456

We take very seriously the trust you demonstrate by leaving your pet in our care.  And while your pet may feel “there’s no place like home”, it is our sincere intention to provide a safe, comfortable, and caring environment for your pet while in our care.  Clients should feel confident that our boarding procedures are of the highest quality and that your pet is attended by trained, experienced kennel staff and a qualified veterinarian.

All dogs and cats are walked or held a minimum of twice a day by staff members to ensure warm and caring human contact.

All kennels are cleaned a minimum of twice a day. This may include sanitizing, change of towels, fresh food and water,litter boxes, etc.

All boarding pets are monitored continually throughout the day by trained staff. 

Feeding:  We request clients to bring in their regular diet from home. Please place the food in labeled, pre-measured baggies for each feeding.  

Bedding: Please feel free to bring washable bedding that may comfort your pet.  We do not recommend your pet’s favorite bedding as it may be damaged by your pet or in the washing process.  Please label your bedding.  If you would like to bring a stuffed or foam bed, please bring one with the removable fabric cover. We also have bedding at the kennel that can be provided to your pet if you prefer to leave your belongings at home.  It is the owner’s responsibility to inform the kennel staff that your pet should not have bedding if your pet is likely to chew and ingest bedding.

Toys/Treats: Please bring toys and treats that will not be missed if lost or damaged. Toys and treats dropped off with your pet will be given to your pet at your instruction and at your own risk.  Please label your toys and treats.

Medication Needs: We will administer prescription medications to your pet.  Please provide the medication container and full instruction of how and when your pet normally receives the medication.  

 Palmetto Animal Clinic boarding at Opie's Doghouse pool play

In order to protect the health of your pet and ensure the health of other boarding pets we require that the following vaccines and tests be up to date and updated at least 1 week prior to boarding: 


Canine Influenza Vaccine

Negative stool check in last 6 mos. 




Current on flea & tick prevention


Negative stool check in last 6 mos.



Current on flea & tick prevention

Check In/Check out: Check in time is  no earlier than 9:30 am Monday thorough Saturday and Check out time is no later than 4:30 pm Monday - Friday and 11:00 am on Saturday.   No drop offs or pick ups on Sunday                                                              

You will not be charged for the last day of stay if your pet is picked up before 12 noon. Rates begin on the day of Arrival. 

Pets cannot be picked up on holidays or after regular business hours. 

If you neglect to pick up your pet within 5 days of the date you have listed for pick up and you do not call to make other arrangements, Palmetto Animal Clinic will assume that the pet is abandoned. 



Canine Small Suite    $23.75

Canine Small Patio Suite     $34.25

Canine Large Suite     $36.50

Canine Large Patio Suite    $47.25


Kitty Condo 1 Level     $21.50

Kitty Condo 2 Levels    $32.25

Kitty Condo 3 Levels    $43

*Additional overnight boarders 1/2 price each when sharing Kennel


1/2 day (Less than 5 hours)  Dropoff 8:30 am - 1:30 pm   $20.50

Full Day (5 hours or more)Drop off 8:30 am - 5 pm     $28


Should your pet become ill while boarding: Palmetto Animal Clinic reserves the right to treat your pet as authorized by you upon admission.  Boarding can be stressful for some pets and sometimes illnesses develop that were in the process of developing at home.  By entrusting the health of your pet to us, we consider treatment our responsibility in your absence.  If you provide an emergency contact number we will make every attempt to contact you prior to any treatment.

At Palmetto Animal Clinic, we take pride in providing outstanding care to all of our boarding customers. Our staff has been trained extensively to care for all types of pets. Many of our clients have specific requirements regarding exercise, medications, diets, etc. With some pets that are boarding, but are not currently patients of Palmetto Animal Clinic, there have occasionally been concerns about client requests for treatments that in our opinion are not in the best interest of the pet and potentially harmful. Before boarding, we will advise you of the potential health hazards of these treatments and our concerns for continuing treatments. However, should you wish to continue any treatment not recommended by the doctors and staff of Palmetto Animal Clinic, by signing the boarding contract, you release Palmetto Animal Clinic and its staff from any and all responsibility for any illness, death, or dismemberment that your pet experiences as a result of treatments not recommended by our clinic. We reserve the right to suspend any treatment deemed dangerous or detrimental to the health or well being of the patient.